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Wind Tunnel Test of VeloVetta Cycling Shoe

It's time that someone engineered cycling shoes to be as high performance as your bike.

VeloVetta is using state-of-the-art technology and engineering to design the fastest aerodynamic cycling shoes ever made. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computer aided design (CAD) and wind tunnel testing are being applied in ways never before used in cycling footwear, resulting in a product that will chop minutes off your time. Whether racing a time trial, a triathlon or a road race, VeloVetta shoes will get you to the finish line fastest.

Our patents-pending design provides not only a slippery, drag-reducing shape, but also unparalleled comfort over long distances and superb ease of entry and adjustment for fast transitions by triathletes.


VeloVetta is the brainchild of Ed O'Malley. Aside from being an avid triathlete, Ed is a mechanical engineer with experience working on the International Space Station for NASA and is the founder of Motiv Engines and co-founder of Blackrock Systems.



VeloVetta is based in Boulder, Colorado. We would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form to get in touch.