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In Depth with VeloVetta

What's VeloVetta all about?

Fit. Comfort. Quality. Aerodynamics. That's what we are about.

This is VeloVetta

Founder Ed O'Malley talks about the creation of the VeloVetta Monarch Shoe.

Flying Mounts

The Monarch makes getting your shoes on fast and easy, whether you do it while standing on the ground, or "flying" on your bike! Here are some ways to do flying mounts in VeloVetta shoes.

Taking it to the Tunnel

We went to the A2 wind tunnel to test our shoe against many other top shoes and we tested faster than every other shoe. I also give a little update on our preparations for production. Video by Kenny Withrow.

Handmade in Italy

VeloVetta shoes are handmade in Treviso Italy - the center of the Italian sports shoe industry.

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