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Compared to Shimano and Specialized, most people prefer VeloVetta one size smaller. If you are unsure of sizing, please download our measurement tool HERE. Make sure you print it at 100% actual size to get an accurate measurement and follow all directions.

VeloVetta Monarch Size Chart

Color: White/Grey

Compared to Shimano and Specialized, most people prefer VeloVetta one size smaller. If you are unsure of sizing, please download our measurement tool HERE. Make sure you print it at 100% actual size to get an accurate measurement and follow all directions.

VeloVetta Monarch Size Chart

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The Monarch's closure system does not squeeze your foot from the sides like every other cycling shoe. It just puts even downward pressure on the top of your foot to hold it securely to the footbed.


Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to minimize aerodynamic drag and help you go faster.

Aerodynaic simulation of VeloVetta cycling shoes. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Fast Transitions

The heel lever closure system is designed to give triathletes their fastest transition times. Just put your foot in the shoe, close the lever and it tightens immediately to your preferred tension that you pre-set on the shoe.

VeloVetta Black Cycling Shoe back

Free Returns & Exchanges in US

Returns and exchanges are absolutely free in the US. Just input your order number HERE and we'll instantly give you a free shipping label to print. Shipping of your exchanged product to you is also free. See our Return Policy.

SIZING: Most people prefer one full size down from most other brands. We recommend you FIND YOUR SIZE HERE

Sizes 38 and 39 require spacers for Look cleats and pedals and Garmin Vector Pedals. Spacers Sold Seperately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Joseph Cole
For the big foots out there

When I say, "big foot", I'm talking about those who are encouraged to purchase wide toe box. Those with a taller arch or overall thicker from bottom to top of the foot. My running shoe: Size 13 US Brand: Altra

Customer service: Fantastic
I began seriously biking, namely for triathlon, in 2022. So overall new to the sport. My shoes I had worn previously have been Giro. When I was looking through the web page, I found it straight forward, but because of my 0 knowledge, I reached out to their Facebook page and, while a bit of a delay occurred, once the conversation was going, they helped me all the way through the ordering process. Even after submitting and continuing the conversation, suggesting a size smaller than I was going to order. which was the right call

Very, Very, VERY snug. In comparison to my Giro's these were more like an extra layer of skin than just a pair of shoes... HOWEVER, this will be expanded on in a second.

First ride: holy game changer.
Did I set a new PR on the route I did, no. That being said, the overall improvement in efficiency through the pedal motion was night and day difference. the fit of the shoe allows a better stability for the ankle through the entire pedal sequence. this improvement also provided a better pull phase. As a result, the efficiency allowed a lower effort ride, while maintaining a better speed in comparable conditions to the old shoes.

The dirty but honest: the cycling version of a ballerina shoe.

While the fit was fantastic, it did involve voiding the return policy. Being 100% transparent. When I put them on right out of the box, the shoes raised some concerns. Getting my fat foot in with the cables connect wasn't going to happen. so first had to put the shoes on and sit for an hour, wasn't overly comfortable, but ever so slightly. Cool, then reviewed the design and adjusted the cables to a length that they would fit with the shoe on and then finness so that when securing they did the job. Getting there.
With feeling how it was, and knowing just needing a hair bigger, I stuffed a bottle of rum in the heel and a tennis ball in the toe, as far as I could anyway. Did this for two hours in each shoe. As a result, I was able to put the shoes on easier when got to the park and ride I was leaving from. It will take some practice getting acclimated to the shoe design for a flying mount, but the dismount was easy enough. Word of caution, the balance is a bit different, so careful so you don't roll of the pedal.

Like I said, it's like a ballerina slipper: need to mod it right out of the box to fit the way you want. Some may be deterred by that but let me emphasize that I AM NOT THE TYPICAL DEMOGRAPHIC. 6' 2", 285lbs. Big boy, big feet. Once i get the flying mount down with these, this is going to be a game changer for me.

Johan De Bruycker

I was rather excited when I order new VeloVetta online. They were a bit expensive but I thought that they would be worth it. I followed the clear instructions meticulously to have the right size as advised on the website.

I became less excited when I noticed at the check out that I had to pay about EUR 60 to have these shoes delivered at home. I never had to pay such an amount for delivery. After I bought the shoes anyway I received an e-mail from VeloVetta saying that import duties were due in the amount of EUR 166 which were not mentioned before. I wrote back to VeloVetta that this was to much for me and asked to cancel my purchase. The wrote back saying that it was too late because I only send my e-mail after 2 days.

So yesterday I received my VeloVetta shoes for which I have paid in total about EUR 500. However, much to my surprise they do not fit although I meticulously followed the guidelines. Now my only option is to send the shoes back which will cost me another EUR 60. The VeloVetta will have to send me new shoes in the correct size and that costs again EUR 60. In addition import duties will have to be paid again for another EUR 166. Hopefully after having done all that I will have my shoes for approximately EUR 800. Any advise?

Hi Johan,
Sorry to hear you are frustrated. As with every international customer, we sent you an email offering personalized sizing advice, we advised you again of our international returns policy that we cannot cover shipping on international exchanges or returns and advising you that your country (not VeloVetta) will charge import duties and taxes as they do for all international shipments. We do this because we are aware of the risks international customers take with online shoe orders and we want to maximize the liklihood that the customer recieves the correct size the first time, and that we make it as clear as possible all the additinal potential costs that are involved. This gives the customer an opportunity to cancel their order if they had missed those potential costs earlier in the order process. We waited 48 hours after sending you this email before shipping your order. When we do not get a response from a customer, we are still obliged to send the order, because we have been paid for it and you had selected an international express shipping service and in such cases we presume that holding your shipment for more than a couple days would be against your wishes. Having no respsonse from you, I am not sure what other actions we reasonably could have taken. When you did respond, accusing us of somehow breaking the law, I must say it was somewhat mystifying. If you want to return the shoes, please let us know and we will provide an address for you to mail them as per our international returns policy. When we recieve them in as-new condition we will gladly refund your purchase price.


L. Adams
Velovetta Review

I have had my eyes on these shoes from when they were first being talked about on Slowtwitch. I have been following Ed's journey in getting this to market. Shoes, like saddles, are very individual. I decided to pull the trigger on them, and I can say I wish I had not waited so long. Ed's return policy was my decision to order them. I live in a very rural part of the country so getting to Colorado to try them on or go to an expo/event to try them on just wasn't realistic. So being able to have the OPTION to return them was amazing.

What I like about the shoes are the ease of adjustability, yes watch the videos all of them!!! They make it so easy to understand how to adjust and how simple the process can be. Watch the videos! I also prefer a further cleat setback. This is a must for me. I can honestly say these shoes allow further cleat setback than other shoes I have had. In fact I had to move them forward a little bit. The sizing printout is also a must. Make sure when you do it is set to 100%. The sizing printout is spot on. I was between sizes, sized up, and they are great. The comfort of the shoes are also fabulous. I also prefer a wider shoe. I was a bit worried about this, but it is not even an issue. Plenty wide, for me. The ease of getting in and out of, well, you can tell they were designed for that.

The quality of the shoe is apparent, as well. So if you are in the market for some new shoes definitely consider these shoes.

So Far So Good

Haven’t had them outside to test for watt savings but they’re super quick in & out and super comfortable so far during indoor sessions. Hoping they’re as fast as advertised!

Branden Scheel
Wow. Just wow

These shoes are incredible! After just one ride I've never adjusted my shoes again. They feel locked into place but my foot does not fall asleep at all, and I'm still getting great power transfer through the shoes. Just had a new best FTP! Great shoes, fantastic closure system, super good looking. Just sold all of my other road shoes because I will not be needing those anymore!

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