The Monarch


VeloVetta cycling shoe in the open position
VeloVetta cycling shoe in the closed position

Your fastest transitions

With the flip of a lever on the heel, the shoe can be instantly closed or opened. Pre-setting the desired tension with a dial on the heel ensures that you get the perfect comfortable yet snug fit every time.

Get minutes over the competition

Aerodynaic simulation of VeloVetta cycling shoes. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Designed Faster

The first shoe ever designed using computational fluid dynamics and tested in the wind tunnel to make you faster on the road.

Wind tunnel testing results of VeloVetta Cycling Shoe vs Specialized, Shimano and Bontrager. Yaw vs. Drag.

Proven Faster

Wind tunnel testing has proven VeloVetta's Monarch to be faster than even the sleekest road shoes from the competition. Get all the details of our wind tunnel test results here.

In Collaboration with Masters

The heel of the VeloVetta cycling shoe in the strobel lasting process
The upper of a VeloVetta cycling shoe prototype.

A Partnership of Tech and Craft

We partnered with a multi-generational family-owned cycling shoe factory in the birthplace of the industry in Treviso, Italy. Applying modern engineering technology to the knowhow gained only from generations of experience is how we developed a shoe that is not only technically advanced, but provides comfort and style to rival any shoe.